Prairie Bluebell Egger

The Prairie Bluebell Egger®  lays a novel blue egg and produces a higher quality egg than a pure Araucana. The females will lay approximately 280 large blue eggs. They are active birds that are very good at foraging. They are lightweight, weighing only 4 to 5 pounds at maturity, and do not eat as much as some of the larger egg-laying breeds. They are docile and easy to handle. They make good birds for people who are new to chickens or children. Plumage color will vary among each bird; therefore, you can count on having a great variety of beautiful color patterns. Just like the mature birds, the baby chicks will vary immensely in coloration. With the Prairie Bluebell Egger® , you are guaranteed to have a colorful flock!

Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Active, Alert, Athletic 4-5 lbs. 240 Medium Blue Yes Yes
Temperament Active, Alert, Athletic
Weight 4-5 lbs.
Eggs per Year 240
Egg Size Medium
Egg Color Blue
Cold Hardy Yes
Heat Hardy Yes