Keeping Feeders and Waterers Poop-Free and Clean

Like most birds, chickens love heights Their natural perching instinct is to sleep on a high perch that’s relatively safe from predators while also giving an eagle eye view of what’s going on in the coop during the day
Chickens readily use roosting perches installed in coops, but they also love to sit on the top of feeders and waterers Perching birds often poop That may not be a problem beneath a roost but manure-fouled drinking water or feed is neither attractive nor safe

Kauai’s Wild Chickens

Visitors to Hawaii’s island of Kauai are surprised and often delighted to spot chickens nearly everywhere Kauai’s wild chickens lead strings of chicks across shopping center parking lots Rooster crowing seems to come from every direction, and often cars must stop to prevent hitting the abundant birds as they prance across roads

It wasn’t always the case Hawaii is one of the world’s most remote places with thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean separating it from any continent

If Eggs Could Talk

Pop open a carton of grocery store eggs and all 12 of them look identical Gleaming white and nutritious Open a carton of eggs laid by a mixed backyard flock of hens and the eye is greeted with a delightful array of shell colors, sizes, and shapes They are as fascinating as they are delicious
Chickens enjoy a genetic blend of 20,000 to 23,000 genes in over a billion base pairs That’s not far short of humans with 20,000 to 25,000 genes and 28 billion base pairs People come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, hues, and

How To Enjoy Backyard Ducks

Ducks scampering about the backyard are fun to watch and have the potential of laying at least as many eggs as nearly any chicken breed Like chickens they need healthy food, safety from predators and the weather, and adequate housing to thrive From there, specific needs differ
Ducks seem to love everything about water They’re great swimmers and drink much more water than chickens When caught in a downpour chicken feathers get soggy while raindrops run right off waterproof duck feathers Despite their love of water, it’s not necessary to have a pond or creek on the

Golf Balls Don’t Hatch, But They Help Manage A Broody Hen

A broody hen can either be a frustrating problem or a big help to anyone keeping a flock of backyard chickens
Broodiness results from a strong mothering instinct The hens of many breeds, especially those that lay white eggs, rarely go broody, while other breeds, often heavy brown egg layers with fluffy feathers, are well known for their mothering instinct
It’s easy to identify a broody hen She’ll stop laying, puff up her feathers, sit in a near trance, vocalize with a distinctive squawk when you disturb her, and spend day and night in a nest box

Enjoying Chicken Behavior

One of the joys of keeping a backyard flock of hens is learning that most people are wrong about chickens
Ask most folks what they think of chickens and they’re likely respond that they are simple minded, smelly creatures useful only for producing tasty meals But keep a small flock, watch them closely, and the truth emerges Chickens are intelligent, sensitive birds that behave in intriguing ways They are individuals Every chicken behaves a little differently than her coop sisters and collectively they make wise decisions