Week 10 With Rudd Rangers

This week, the Rudd Rangers are officially 2 months old! 

They have made it about 2/3 of the way through their time here on our farm. It seems like a lifetime ago that they were fluffy chicks in a delivery box!

Big storms were due to roll in Sunday night, so we decided to move the Rangers into a more secure coop. The chicken tractor is fine for rainy days, but it is very lightweight. With the threat of strong winds and possible tornadoes, we decided to move all 13 Rudds into our metal layer coop. There was definitely some tension between our older hens and the Rudds, but all made it out fine. Things were a little cramped, to say the least, and they were all ready to get out of there the next morning!

After that day, I’ve been letting the Rudds out to free range ALL DAY! They have really taken to exploring a huge area. Kicking around in the woods, running through the grass, and churning up bugs under the muscadine vines; it has been a truly blissful week for them!

At the close of day, they all make their way back into their chicken tractor. Even though the bigger coop is close by, they still consider the tractor their home. They feel safe in there and often will go back inside midday to nap in the shade. It’s relaxing to see them out and about in the yard, mixing with my laying flock. If you don’t have a chicken tractor, I think these meat birds would be fine to live with your layers- if you can deal with lots more poop in your coop!