Rudd Ranger™

Hoover’s Hatchery® is very proud of both our meat birds and the little town in which we reside, Rudd, Iowa. We just had to name one of our meat birds after the town. Our Rudd Ranger®  loves to free-range and finishes out a couple of weeks slower than a Cornish Cross Broiler, but it is worth the wait. The Rudd Ranger®  is a versatile bird; it can be raised in more confined areas or in free-range environments but prefers free range. Just like our wonderful Rudd residents, these birds are docile and get along with most other breeds. They have red plumage with dark tail and wing feathers and finish out at about 12-14 weeks old. When dressed, the Rudd Ranger’s®  body is more proportional compared to a broiler, making the dark meat almost equal to the breast meat. Chicks are a golden color with an orange beak and feet.