Why can poultry be shipped through the mail?

Did you know millions of baby chicks are shipped through the mail each year in the US?  You might be surprised that baby chicks can be shipped through the post office  It’s not like you can take a puppy to the post office and ship it across the country, so how can hatcheries and poultry farms ship baby chicks?


It’s All in the Anatomy

In order to understand how baby chicks can be shipped, we need to go over a little bit of chicken anatomy  Let’s consider how a baby chick is formed  The chick develops within the shell and the

Raising Winter Chicks Part 2

In the last post on raising winter chicks, we talked about the benefits of starting chicks in the winter This post will touch on a few of the concerns people sometimes have about winter chicks: heating requirements, when you can move the chicks out of the brooder, and shipping chicks during cold, winter weather


The Cons of Raising Chicks in the Winter


  1. Where will you keep your chicks?


You will need to consider that baby chicks need a lot of heat, with temperatures around 90F for the first week, and slowly decreasing as