Raising Ducklings vs Chicks

If you have recently visited your local feed store and seen baby chicks and baby ducklings available, the impulse to get a few of these and a few of those is irresistible!

Before you bring home your fluffy babies, here are some important differences to know about raising ducklings vs raising chicks!


Ducklings and chicks need separate space

Generally, ducklings and chicks will need a separate brooder Sometimes, they can all get along, but sometimes unfortunately they can fight Ducklings grow much faster than chicks, and have been known to pick on baby chicks Even if they do get along as babies,

Broody Adventures

Chickens have minds of their own Broodiness proves it When a flock owner wants a broody to mother a new generation of chicks it’s certain that no hens want anything to do with motherhood But, when that person needs the hens to lay lots of eggs, many will decide to go broody It can be maddening

One way to think about this is to remember that few chicken raising aspects are as fascinating as watching a broody hen incubate and mother a brood It’s also an easy way to acquire new chicks to replace aging hens


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Week Two With New Chicks

The Rudd Rangers are growing right before my eyes! We have had them about 1 week, and they have grown from an average weight of 33 grams, all the way to 95 grams! Each day they grow more curious, more playful, and certainly hungrier Even though they are still fluff balls, I am starting to notice them getting more muscular and tall Their wing feathers are coming in, but I will not have to worry about them flying out of the brooder for a few more weeks still
They are relatively low maintenance at this age