5 Ways to Spice Up Your Egg Sandwich

Egg sandwiches are a staple around our house I make them on a very regular basis and while we gravitate towards the simple egg and cheese sandwich, there are times when we like to shake things up a bit! Depending on what we have on hand and how much time we have determines how creative I am in the kitchen How about you? Do you like to create new and exciting things in your menu or are you more like me and cook because we need food

My Favorite Ways to Eat Eggs

Growing up, I wasn’t much of an egg-eater  In fact, I can clearly remember several times that eggs made me sick first thing in the morning  The fact that I keep about 30-40 laying hens at any given time may not make much sense  Although I wasn’t a fan of eggs as a kid, I’ve learned to enjoy them much more the older I’ve gotten  Eggs are packed with protein and farm eggs are packed with nutrients like carotene and vitamins  Here are my favorite ways to eat eggs that will please even the people that don’t care for