Raising Ducklings vs Chicks

If you have recently visited your local feed store and seen baby chicks and baby ducklings available, the impulse to get a few of these and a few of those is irresistible!

Before you bring home your fluffy babies, here are some important differences to know about raising ducklings vs raising chicks!


Ducklings and chicks need separate space

Generally, ducklings and chicks will need a separate brooder Sometimes, they can all get along, but sometimes unfortunately they can fight Ducklings grow much faster than chicks, and have been known to pick on baby chicks Even if they do get along as babies,

Raising Winter Chickens Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Winter Chickens Series!

We are now several months into our winter chicken raising experience and loving it even more My girls are almost fully grown and are slowly integrating with my main flock They still live in their own chicken coop, but we do plan to move them to the main chicken coop later this summer

What I most love about these winter chickens, is that they should start laying eggs pretty soon! Most chickens will lay their first egg between 16 and 24 weeks of age My winter chickens arrived in late January