A Chicken from Outside to Inside

People are familiar with mammal anatomy After all, we are one Dogs and cats are common companions and have body features, like hair and digestive and reproductive systems somewhat similar to humans


Birds are different They’re modern-day dinosaurs Whether they’re a Rhode Island Red chicken or a chickadee snatching sunflower seeds from a backyard feeder the anatomy of birds varies greatly from familiar mammals


Both types of animals have muscles and skin, but a bird’s feathers, digestive and reproductive system are very different from mammals From the outside to the inside of their bodies here are how birds, especially chickens Special

Chicken Anatomy 101

When raising backyard chickens, it’s important to know some basics on their anatomy and the function for each part This way you can keep close tabs on your flocks’ health and notice any changes that might signal a problem

Chickens are gorgeous birds and were created so well When you sit and really think about the process a chicken goes through to lay their egg, it’s astounding!

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