Chicken Coop Lighting in the Winter

I don’t know about you, but me and the girls are feeling this long winter month! While it’s been absolutely gorgeous with multiple days of rime ice, January feels like it may never end Rime ice is when super cooled water liquid droplets freeze onto the trees It’s stunning and makes us feel like we’re in a snow globe

How Cold Can Chickens Tolerate?

One of the most commonly asked questions I get while raising backyard chickens is how I keep my chickens warm in the winter I live in Minnesota after all so it’s a valid question!

When I first started, I was actually pretty concerned about this, too Our winters can get really cold and harsh My coop wasn’t insulated, and I’d heard that running a heat lamp all the time wasn’t safe I would lay in bed wondering if my chickens would be okay!

Winter Blues and Breathing Problems, too!

I know some people thrive in the colder weather, enjoying the snow sports and getting outside as much as possible, but for animal people, this year has been depressing… and wet I live in Mid-Michigan and my flock and me have the winter blues! I do not mind the cold weather one bit, it is why I chose to live in Michigan It’s a relief when we have cold weather, because a lot of the bugs pass away or go dormant and we do not have

Prepping for Winter

Well, well, well, look who has showed up! FALL! Which means for us flock tenders we have to start the preparation for winter! From making sure we have a way to keep them warm, protecting their crops and feet, providing them with a healthy diet and making sure they will have plenty of snacks, now that the grass will be covered in snow soon!

Some states do not have to worry about

Does Cracked Corn Keep Chickens Warm?

We are having an unseasonably warm November and December is shaping up to be that way as well However, we do live in Minnesota, so we know the cold will eventually come One question I get asked quite often is, “How do you keep your chickens warm in the winter?”

Chickens are created with a built-in