The Old Hen

She’s beautiful A classic She has been a part of your flock for years and years There is just one problem; she’s growing old

When a hen who was once productive begins laying less eggs, eventually halting egg laying permanently, it can be very disappointing

Hens start laying their first eggs at around 6 months of age

Hens lay the most eggs in the first 2 years, with egg production slowly decreasing each year after age 3 On average, chickens live 8-10 years That means, there will most likely be several years your beloved hen will go on living without producing eggs


How Long do Hens Lay?

Homeowners with small backyard chicken flocks face a dilemma As hens age they gradually lay fewer eggs Eventually they decide it’s time to retire and totally stop  If a family wants to continue enjoying fresh eggs, aging birds must be replaced with younger ones  How do you know when to make the switch and just how do you do it?

Egg Laying Potential

Of the hundreds of chicken breeds and hybrids many are stellar egg layers, while some just don’t have the genetics to produce well Towards the back of the Hoover’s Hatchery catalog is a chart listing the characteristics of