How to Build a Winter Dust Bath for Your Chickens

Have you ever seen chickens rolling around in the dirt? That’s known as a dust bath, and it helps chickens keep their feathers clean and dry But what happens when temperatures drop below freezing? Your chickens still need to dust bathe in order to stay healthy and clean!

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your chickens cozy and clean this winter with an indoor dust bath Read on for tips and steps on

DIY Nesting Boxes

Do you have hens?  Are they currently laying eggs all over the place?  If you’re tired of collecting eggs from under the shed, in the rim of that old tire or in the seat of your truck when the windows are down… then it’s time that you give your hens some proper nesting boxes  Buying nesting boxes can be expensive and you may not like the way they look  Making nesting boxes yourself is very simple and only requires a few basic tools like a saw, a hammer and nails or a drill and screws



Keeping Water Liquid

Like humans, chickens enjoy sipping cool refreshing water They drink a surprising amount, even in winter, and it’s essential that they always have it available
There’s a problem Winter! When the temperature plunges below freezing water soon becomes ice A chicken’s beak is a versatile organ able to snatch up even the tiniest morsel, but it can’t chip a hole in the ice to get a drink or substitute snow for water Fortunately, there are ways to keep water liquid through the nastiest cold spell
Old Fashioned Bucket Brigade
Buckets are the age-old way to