Decorating Your Coop For Fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year Our wedding anniversary and my birthday are in the fall And it’s Happy’s birthday too!

We live in Minnesota where we get to experience all 4 seasons, and there’s something so cozy about fall The days get shorter, the nights and mornings get cooler, and the colors are spectacular! Give me all the pumpkin spice everything, a good book and I’m content

Keeping Your Flock Safe From Predators

Chickens are a wonderful addition to any farm or backyard Chickens, however, attract not so wonderful critters to your farm or backyard You may realize that chicken feed will undoubtedly attract mice to your feed shed But have you thought about the predators that will be attracted to your chickens? Chickens that aren’t secured in a coop make an easy meal for predators like raccoons, foxes and hawks Here’s how to make sure that your birds stay safe
A coop is a must have
You cannot keep your chickens safe without a coop At night, chickens roost