Raising Turkey Poults (Entry 4)

This week our little turkey friend has officially reached 2 months of age!


He is still enjoying his complete NatureServe®   Gamebird feed While he is now old enough to eat the pellets, we still are giving him crumbles without issue He gets his feed in the evening, separate from all the other numerous birds we have! The Gamebird starter is safe for chickens and ducks; it just has higher protein levels than your average layer pellet He gets his food separate because he is a special little guy!

Although his name is Peter

Raising Turkey Poults (Entry 1)

Two weeks ago, my daughter and I had a very exciting day!

Our little turkey poults arrived on a Wednesday to our local post office here in Alabama The poults traveled all the way from Hoover’s Hatchery in Iowa!

Being prepared for the arrival of your poults takes all the stress out of the day Being shipped across the country can take a toll on their little bodies Have your brooder set up, with clean shavings, a red heat lamp, fresh water, and good quality feed Your little poults will appreciate this and quickly settle into their new home

One of the

Raising Turkeys for Meat vs. Pets

We really enjoy raising turkeys on our little homestead We’ve had our turkey, Tarzan, for six years now and he delights everyone who comes to see us with his strutting and gobbling! While we primarily raise turkeys for pets, we have accidentally raised turkeys for meat as well

We accidentally raised turkeys for meat because we got the wrong type of turkey without realizing it If you want to raise turkeys for meat or for pets – here are a few things to consider

Raising Turkey for Pets

If you want to raise turkeys for pets, make sure you get a