Raising Turkey Poults (Entry 3)

We have officially reached the 15 month mark here on our little farm!


Speaking of “little farm,” if you’ve ever had animals, you’ll be familiar with disappointment

I regret to say, 2 or our 3 turkey poults passed away


One was lost to what I believe to be a sly weasel (As it was the only sized predator that could have gotten past the small wire) The other passed away unexpectedly We did all we could, and it passed peacefully in the comfort of our home

This speaks to the fragility of turkey poults Sometimes, no matter what you do or how well

Raising Turkey Poults (Entry 2)

Our sweet turkey poults are officially 1 month old!

They have grown quickly, and are now living outside in our chicken tractor I knew it was time for them to graduate to a bigger enclosure when they started escaping! They first started roosting on the edge of the brooder box, then flying all the way out, exploring the garden shed!

Luckily we have a multipurpose pen that works for young chickens, baby goats, and also, baby turkeys! Our chicken tractor is not actually a tractor, but a simple coop on wheels It is lightweight enough to pull onto new grass daily,

Raising Turkey Poults (Entry 1)

Two weeks ago, my daughter and I had a very exciting day!

Our little turkey poults arrived on a Wednesday to our local post office here in Alabama The poults traveled all the way from Hoover’s Hatchery in Iowa!

Being prepared for the arrival of your poults takes all the stress out of the day Being shipped across the country can take a toll on their little bodies Have your brooder set up, with clean shavings, a red heat lamp, fresh water, and good quality feed Your little poults will appreciate this and quickly settle into their new home

One of the