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How to Identify Chicken Preadators: Birds of Prey

It may seem silly to think that a hawk could attack a chicken and fly away with it, but it happens all of the time Red-tailed hawks, red-shouldered hawks, eagles and owls will all attack chickens if given the chance This is the third of our 4-part installment of our how to identify chicken predators: Birds of Prey
Identifying Attacks from Birds of Prey
One of the first signs of an attack from a bird of prey is a scouting bird Hawks, eagles and owls will scout their prey out well before attacking it You may

How to Identify Chicken Preadators: Racoons

Unfortunately, there are many animals out there that would love to make an easy meal of your flock One of the most notorious chicken predators is the raccoon Raccoons are deadly, smart and determined They’re also vicious and unrelenting Here’s the first in our 4-part series of how to identify chicken predators: raccoons
Identifying Raccoon Attacks
Raccoons will leave behind a complete mess when they’ve attacked your chickens If they cannot get into your coop, they will settle for reaching through fencing and pulling your chickens through the fence, piece by piece After a raccoon attack,