Nurture Your Birds with an Expanded Line of NatureServe Flock Feeds

Nurture your flock from chickens to ducks and turkeys/gamebirds with NatureServe® feed that contains the same essential oils that we feed our birds at Hoover’s Hatchery  NatureServe is the preferred feed brand of Hoover’s Hatchery and we encourage carrying on the tradition of feeding your flock at home with essential oils found in NatureServe feed to help keep your birds healthy

Previous to 2021, NatureServe offered only poultry feeds for chicks and chickens  Starting this Spring 2021, look for NatureServe’s expanded product flock offerings at retail stores:

  • NatureServe Chick Starter/Grower
  • NatureServe Layer Pellets
  • NatureServe Duck Starter/Grower (new)
  • NatureServe Duck Pellets

Demystifying Chicken Feed

When it comes to food, chickens are just like people Both need a nutritious well-balanced diet to be both healthy and productive
That’s a simple concept but visit a feed store and a customer confronts a dizzying array of feed types There’s starter feed, both medicated and unmedicated, layer feed in crumbles or pellets, feed for molting birds, meat bird feed, organic feed, scratch, and cracked corn Figuring what bag to buy can be confusing
There is a simple solution Read information printed on most feed bags and on the label to decide what’s best to