Is it Safe to Put a Christmas Tree in My Coop?

Decorating for Christmas is a family favorite around here Naturally, with my love for chickens, this would carry into their coop! See how I decorated my coop for Christmas this year!

After my second year of having chickens, I put a small tree up with some lights My chickens left it alone

Crows: Wild Guardians

A flock of free-range chickens strut around the yard on a sunny afternoon They are busy pecking around, hunting for bugs in the green grass Suddenly, the yard goes quiet Squirrels run into the trees and songbirds disappear in the blink of an eye The chickens are too enthralled in their foraging to notice the wildlife disappearing A crow calls out from a nearby tree, and the chickens scatter for cover They run into the woods, under a garden shed, and back into the coop as quickly as they can A huge red-tailed hawk sees her cover is blown,