Can I Use Straw in My Chicken Coop?

For many years I have used pine shavings in my brooders and coop while raising backyard chickens There are a few different bedding materials out there, but pine shavings are easy to use and make great compost When you go to your local farm supply store there will be different types of wood shavings

Make sure you stay away from

Litter – A Versatile Word and Odd One in Chicken Vocabulary

“Bedding” means soft wood chips or straw in a horse or cow’s stall But if the same material is in a chicken coop it’s “litter” That seems weird


When applied to chickens the word “litter” has nothing to do with trash scattered along a road The word is derived from the ancient Latin lectos which meant “bed” and was used to describe a flat platform carried by husky men with the emperor riding on top   The French changed the word to litiere and used it differently  French linguist, Mark Norlander, translated it to mean, “a bed of soft and insulating

You Made Your Bed

Many of us who have begun this wonderful life by involving poultry into it have started off with the small starter coop, which after a year and chicken math begins will be transformed into a larger coop or become the introduction pen for new chicks for the following years to come When we begin this journey, we are always making lists!

Those lists may entail

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