Let’s Talk Chicken

Let’s talk chicken…I know you know what I am talking about We all have those rough days where we just walk out to the coop and look at that one chicken and just let it out We spill the beans and tell them how life got to us and sometimes it can be therapeutic and relaxing and even liberating to get it off your chest Have you

Chicken’s Vision and Memory Helps Find Snacks

Anyone who consistently shares tasty kitchen scraps with their chickens knows how eager the flock is to dine on pizza crusts, wilted lettuce, or even scraps of rice recovered from the sink strainer Chickens enthusiastically greet a person approaching with treats But how do they know they are about to enjoy a snack?


Chickens aren’t dumb bunnies They’re smart All they need to do is see a person carrying a bowl or small bucket with treats once or twice and every time they see it again, they’ll know the dinner bell’s ringing With great enthusiasm they’ll rush out to greet

Why Does My Hen Squat?

Have you ever walked near one of your hens and she suddenly hunkers down to the ground with her wings slightly open? She freezes and squats, not moving? This behavior is no cause for concern! Although it may seem like she is scared or in pain, squatting in this manner is a normal part of rooster/hen behavior

As I once heard one person say, “Well, she’s easy” All joking aside, many people assume this behavior means they want to be picked up and are tame The funny, and kind of bizarre thing is, she actually sees the human as a

Enjoying Chicken Behavior

One of the joys of keeping a backyard flock of hens is learning that most people are wrong about chickens
Ask most folks what they think of chickens and they’re likely respond that they are simple minded, smelly creatures useful only for producing tasty meals But keep a small flock, watch them closely, and the truth emerges Chickens are intelligent, sensitive birds that behave in intriguing ways They are individuals Every chicken behaves a little differently than her coop sisters and collectively they make wise decisions