Gramma Lou’s Famous Chicken Hotdish

It’s March! We are getting so close to spring I can feel it. March is a fun month in our family because of all the birthdays. My husband and youngest son both have birthdays in March as well as my Gramma Lou! We love to celebrate life around here, so I thought it’d be fun to highlight my Gramma this week. Gramma’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day so that adds a little extra fun. We will be celebrating her 92nd birthday with her and we’re all so excited. Gramma is known for her incredible kind and gentle demeanor. She is also almost famous around here because of her cooking and baking skills!

Handwritten recipes are my favorite!

She has told me for years how “easy” her chicken noodle hotdish is, but until recently I didn’t understand how easy it truly was! She walked me through making it one day, so I could bring it home to my family. Everyone loves it in our home and there are rarely any leftovers! Maybe the secret is my adorable chicken casserole dish, but more than likely, it’s years of love handed down through family recipes.

First, we should probably settle a very large debate that is constantly going on in our country. Are you ready? Do you say “hotdish” or “casserole”? We are hotdish people up here in Minnesota! I had no idea what a casserole was until I was quite a bit older! Haha!

Whatever you call it, you will call this particular dish incredible! It’s the ultimate comfort food. If you’re looking for a healthy recipe this week, please keep scrolling. Ha!

And I realize there’s more than 4 ingredients, but please understand, it’s the easiest thing you’ll throw together all week! Enjoy!

Gramma Lou’s Famous Chicken Hotdish

  • 2 C. Cooked Chicken Shredded in Small Pieces

  • 2 C. Uncooked Amish Egg Noodles

  • 2 C. Cream of Chicken Soup

  • 2 C. Milk

  • ½ C. Onion chopped

  • Salt and Pepper

  • 3 Tbsp Butter

  • 1 C. Shredded Cheese of your Choice


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. {Now, Gramma’s recipe says to just layer everything, but after making it with her, there are more steps! Haha!}.

Spray your casserole dish. Layer the chicken in the bottom of the pan. Next lay the uncooked noodles over the chicken. Combine the milk and soup and warm together until smooth. Pour over the noodles. Next sprinkle the chopped onions over the soup and milk mixture. Add salt and pepper. Sprinkle the butter over the top of that. Cover with cheese. Bake 30-40 minutes. Enjoy!

I asked Gramma if it would be okay to share her recipe with all of you and she was so excited! Gramma loves my chickens and loves when her recipes are carried on. Happy Birthday, Gramma! We love you so much!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady

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Annie Wing is the author of Strong Animals Chicken 101 blog. She is a busy mom with 3 active kids. Annie and her family reside on an acreage in the Redwood River Valley in Minnesota. She enjoys gardening and her absolute favorite pastime is doting on her 28 chickens!