Week 8 With Rudd Rangers

This week the Rudd Rangers are turning 7 weeks old, with about 5 weeks left until processing day. This week they have seemed to have made a leap in growth. That is one thing I have learned about meat birds; they will appear to have a “lull” in growth for a couple of weeks, then you turn around, and almost overnight they have made huge leaps in size! They are still drinking about 2 gallons of water per day, but this week have increased their feed intake to a full feeder each day! Last week, they would leave some feed in the feeder overnight, but that has all changed with their jump in size! They are out of food by morning and scramble to the feeder as soon as it gets filled.

    After eating feed for a few minutes, their crops are full and they are back to a life of contentment. The weather here in Alabama has been absolutely heavenly lately, with lots of cool breezes and ample sunshine. The fantastic weather has allowed our grass to grow tall and full. (We have them on our yard and part of a little pasture; nothing has been especially planted for them. Our yard is what I like to call a “meadow mix” of weeds.) The Rudds’ favorite type of grass is clover, along with the occasional cricket. Generally, I only check on them twice a day. I have a nice view of them from the house. They seem to be enjoying themselves with a life of leisure. On cool days, they pile all together and stretch out in the sun, dozing off. In these past weeks of chaos, seeing the chickens relaxing in the sun in the rich, green grass, does my heart a world of good!