DIY Chicken Feed

Most of us feed our grown flock of birds layer pellets Layer pellets are a great food, containing most of what an adult hen needs to survive If you would like to treat your chickens with a ration that does more than simply let them survive, try making your own!

That being said, chickens allowed to free-range on a good sized, diverse piece of yard, do not have to be fed a special diet at all Chickens allowed to be chickens will balance out their nutritional needs completely naturally! However, all chickens need some type of complete daily ration to

All About Chicken Feed: How Much, What to Avoid & Best Practices

Why Feed Oyster Shells?


For an adult hen who is laying eggs, calcium is pulled from the hen’s body to create the egg An egg contains 94-97% calcium carbonate That’s a lot of calcium to pull from a hen who isn’t getting extra calcium supplemented to her! This can cause problems for our little feathered friends The great news is that if you leave oyster shells out all the