Incubation Timeline for Chickens

Hatching your own eggs at home is a really fun way to add to your flock  You’ll want fertilized eggs to hatch  You can either get these from your existing flock or you can purchase fertilized eggs from another farm  The process of incubation can take place either artificially with an incubator, or with a broody hen  We’re going to discuss the timeline of developing eggs and how you can manage them if you’re incubating them artificially


Chick Development

It takes chicken eggs 21 days to hatch  There’s a lot that goes on in those

The Difference Between Infertile and Fertilized Eggs

When you first start raising chickens, there are a lot of new terms that you have to learn  You’ll quickly become familiar with the differences between roosters and hens  You’ll be able to quickly tell the difference between different breeds, even if they have similar names like Bantam and Brahma  One topic that can still be slightly confusing is the difference between infertile eggs and fertilized eggs  We’re going to go over the difference between the two types of eggs here


What’s the difference between an infertile egg and a fertilized egg?