How Do Chickens Sleep?

Chickens are some of the most fascinating birds to watch Their beautiful plumage, quirky personalities and pecking order are intriguing From them foraging for snacks to grooming themselves, chickens are always busy They rest from time to time throughout the day and are great sleepers at night!


I don’t have an automatic door on our coop I tried one once, and a couple of holdouts

Why do Chickens Roost?

When you’re building a chicken coop, one of the pieces of advice that you’ll find is to build your chickens a roost  You may wonder why your chickens need a roost  Isn’t that what nesting boxes are for?  Let’s dive into why your chickens need a roost and how to create the perfect roost for them

How Chickens Sleep

You know that your chicken coop will need nesting boxes, but you might not know that your chickens will need a roost also  Your chickens will not actually sleep in their nesting boxes  The nesting boxes are designed to give hens a