Gifting Baby Chicks for Easter

Easter is hands down, one of my favorite holidays I love this time of year Everything is fresh and new and has a feeling of new life With new life, comes new excitement in the coop! I am taking this year off on adding to my flock However, I was just in our local Runnings and was admiring the cute baby chicks I may or may not spend a lot of time there just looking at all the wonderful breeds coming in from

Preventing Frostbite in Poultry

Chicken in the snowy backyards

Frostbite in poultry is a real concern during the winter Chickens, like people, are susceptible to frostbite When the temperatures plummet and the windchills pick up, we need to consider the chickens Making a few small changes can help them stay warmer during frigid weather


What is frostbite in chickens?


Chickens are susceptible to frostbite primarily on the combs and wattles, and sometimes on their feet You will notice frostbite in your chickens if their combs and wattles suddenly turn off color, and eventually become