Are You Smarter Than A Chicken

It seems as if winter won’t give it up, so we thought we would brighten up April by celebrating April Fools all month long! Below is a fun true/false quiz and some links on fun chicken folklore.
Are you smarter than a chicken? Take this True and False quiz to tell.

  1. On the equinox you can stand an egg on its end.
  2. There must be a rooster in the coop for a hen to lay eggs.
  3. Brown eggs are always fresher than white eggs.
  4. The incubation temperature determines whether the chick will be female or male.
  5. Some roosters crow any time of the day or night.
  6. A crowing rooster predicts visitors to your home.
  7. In several old-world folklores, the rooster is a universal symbol of the sun.
    (Answers below)

Chickens have been a part of human heritage for centuries and along with that comes some pretty interesting stories and folklore, click the links below to learn more about some classic stories and uncommon facts!
The Sky is Falling. The classic Henny Penny story of gloom and doom.
The Little Red Hen. A You Tube video for kids. (2:29)
Japanese mythology Website
Bulgarian Folklore Website

  1. False – Standing an egg on its end any day is a challenge.
  2. False – Hens happily lay eggs without a guy around.
  3. False – Shell color is irrelevant. Freshness of an egg depends on when it was laid and how it was stored. Decades ago before good refrigeration and rapid transportation, New Englanders thought white eggs came from the Midwest and were old. Midwesterners thought brown eggs came from the East and were old.
  4. False – Incubation temperature can affect the gender of some reptiles, but not birds.
  5. True! Some guys are noisy and never seem to sleep.
  6. Questionable – Depends on whether people plan to visit your home or not and whether or not the rooster crows.
  7. True – check out the links above.
    April is a great time to get baby chicks. While they peep in the brooder, enjoy reading more folklore tales. Share them with Hoover’s Hatchery!