Quick Notes About Raising Turkeys

Raising turkeys is not that different from raising chickens The meat that home-raised turkeys produce is flavorful and bountiful Turkeys are also more social than chickens and makes raising them a fun and rewarding experience If you currently raise chickens, you probably have most of the equipment that you would need to raise turkeys

Baby turkeys are called poults You can purchase day-old poults just like you can chicks You’ll need to set up a brooder for them similar to how you would for chicks Poults can be a little bit more adventurous and may jump over short

Review of Heritage Turkey Breeds

Heritage turkeys are wonderful to raise if you want to raise turkeys that will have babies and produce meat for you This review of heritage turkey breeds will show you which ones will reproduce true and that you can raise on your own Conventional, broad-breasted breeds do not breed and raise young on their own There are several heritage breeds, each with their own quirks and advantages

Standard Bronze
When you think of a traditional turkey, the standard