Naked Egg Experiment- A Fun Summer Learning Activity

Have you ever found a shell-less egg in your chicken coop? Sometimes chickens lay eggs without shells, and all that’s left behind is a thin, rubbery egg

There are a few reasons your chickens may lay shell-less eggs: they’re new layers, they need more calcium in their diet, or they’re getting too much salt If your chickens have been drinking softened water, that could be the reason

If you notice thin shelled eggs, make sure your chickens get a good amount of calcium in their diet and that they’re drinking regular water that hasn’t been softened

Not only is it exciting to

Starting Seeds in Eggshells

Starting seeds in eggshells is a great activity to do with your kids this summer! Now that school is almost out and last frost date has passed, it’s time to get going with warm crops for the summer garden


Eggshells make a great seed starting pot! Not only do they decompose once they’re planted, but they also enrich the soil with calcium and nitrogen during the decomposition process These two nutrients are essential for your seedlings and will help them grow well in the garden!


You don’t need a lot of supplies to start