What To Do with Frozen Eggs and When Do You Freeze Eggs?

You come home from a long winter day at work or school and visit the coop to collect the day’s eggs They’re cold  Really cold with hairline cracks in some of their shells     That’s not surprising Those eggs have been sitting in the nest for hours on a subzero day


Egg whites and yolks contain plenty of water but are loaded with dissolved solids  These lower the egg freezing point to about 29 degrees Eggs rarely freeze in moderately cold weather but if the temperature drops like a stone eggs freeze and crack in just a couple of hours


In many

How to Keep Eggs from Freezing in the Chicken Coop

It’s that time of year again when it’s a race to get to the chicken coop to find eggs before they freeze Finding cracked, frozen eggs when egg production is already low is one of the most frustrating things about keeping chickens in the winter

Luckily there are a few things that will help keep eggs from freezing quite so quickly! Here are five things you can do to slow down how quickly eggs will freeze in the chicken coop

  1. First, make sure your chicken coop is well insulated Keeping the coop