Let’s Talk Gardens… For Chickens!

Most people want to save money and these days, let’s be honest, we are pinching our pennies When it comes to owning your own chickens, many save by free ranging, buying cheaper feed, feeding table scraps, and if you don’t do this last one well, you might want to after this! I always recommend building a garden for your chickens Let me show you some SUPER SIMPLE ideas that will save you money this year! We will talk about what to plant, how to plant it

Flowers to Plant for Chickens to Eat

Do you have a flock of chickens, but you also enjoy gardening?  If so, have you ever considered planting flowers for your chickens to eat?  That’s probably not a thought that has crossed your mind, as most gardeners work really hard to keep their chickens out of the garden  


There are a few reasons why you should consider planting flowers for your chickens to eat and enjoy  Planting a garden for your chickens will give them their own plants to eat, which will help to keep them out of your flowerbeds  Many