Chick Journey- Part 4

Our sweet teenager chicks are officially 2 months old! This week it was time to kick them out of the chicken tractor (I had more babies hatch that needed the space too)!

At this age, they are about half the size of a grown hen They are fully feathered in their adult plumage, but still chirp like babies

When moving your teen chicks in with the adults, expect some fighting Chickens have a hierarchy and the top birds are most always the oldest Luckily our little flock of one rooster and 4 hens had been exposed to the teens a little

Chick Journey Weeks 2-4

Our lovely little mystery chicks have been growing and changing! At about 2 weeks of age, they outgrew their little brooder set-up in our mudroom You’ll know when they are ready for bigger and better things! I knew it was time when my 5 year old came running in the kitchen to find me! With excitement, she quickly told me that one of the chicks had FLOWN out of the brooder! Time to go outside!

The chicks still did not have all their feathers yet, so they spent the next couple of weeks in a larger brooder in our garden