Pumpkin Treat

Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, fresh pumpkins are a super food for your flock! Why not entertain your chickens AND yourself this fall with this orange October treat!


All you need to get started is one, whole pumpkin!


Chickens can eat every part of the pumpkin; except the stem-it’s too hard! Gooey pumpkin guts and the seeds can all be eaten raw and whole by chickens. Some people claim pumpkin seeds can aid in worm prevention. This has not been scientifically proven, but it doesn’t hurt to try and the chickens seem to love the taste of the seeds!


First, drill a hole through the stem or top part of the pumpkin. Next, take a strong piece of twine and run it through both holes. Tie off into a circle, and you’ll be able to hang your pumpkin anywhere!


Before you hang the pumpkin, it’s a good idea to help the hens a little with the tough shell. Carve away just the outer, shiny layer of pumpkin shell in a few areas. These open spots will allow the chickens to start their descent into the yummy center! You can get creative with this part! Carve out a cute shape for your flock! We even cut out a mouth on our pumpkin so they would have to stick their heads inside to get the seeds. It was funny to watch!


Last, find a good place to hang it. Hanging the pumpkin makes it more challenging for the chickens as it will spin and wobble. Just hang it about a foot off the ground, at the height where everyone can reach it.


Chickens are naturally very curious, and will likely jump right into investigating the pumpkin. My family and I enjoyed watching them destroy the pumpkin! Especially when they would stick their whole heads inside to gobble up the seeds!