Cochins- Large Fowl

The large fowl Cochin is an ancient breed originally from China. When they first arrived in the United States, they were very popular. They were used to develop many American breeds such as the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red. Although originally prized as a meat bird, Cochins today are bred primarily for exhibition. Adult Cochin weighs six to seven pounds, and hens lay approximately 175 medium brown eggs per year. They have a docile temperament, which makes them easy to handle. Cochin hens are well known for their broody instincts and mothering ability. Thanks to their abundant, loose-fitting plumage, they are very cold-hardy. Their beautiful plumage comes in several colors, including Buff, Blue, Black, and Partridge. Chicks have feathered legs, and their color may vary depending on their variety. If standard-sized birds are not for you, we do offer Cochin Bantams.

Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Docile, Friendly 6-7 lbs. 175 Medium Brown Yes Yes
Temperament Docile, Friendly
Weight 6-7 lbs.
Eggs per Year 175
Egg Size Medium
Egg Color Brown
Cold Hardy Yes
Heat Hardy Yes