Brown Leghorns

The leghorns originated in Italy; varieties were developed in Denmark, England, and America. Brown Leghorns share the productive traits and nervous personality of their white cousins. Still, they have slightly larger bodies, clothed in one of the most beautiful feather patterns of any white egg-laying breed. Always alert, Brown Leghorns are athletic, excitable, noisy, and often better able to avoid predators than slower breeds. They are some of the best egg-layers that we offer, laying approximately 300 large white eggs a year. Chicks are a darker brown with dark stripes on their backs and lighter underbellies.
Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Active, Alert, Athletic, Nervous 4-5 lbs. 325 Large White Yes Yes
Temperament Active, Alert, Athletic, Nervous
Weight 4-5 lbs.
Eggs per Year 325
Egg Size Large
Egg Color White
Cold Hardy Yes
Heat Hardy Yes

White Leghorns

Years ago, a small, amazingly productive chicken breed was imported from Italy through the port of Livorno. “Leghorn” became the Anglicized word for that port and the breed. Supermarket eggs are almost always laid by White Leghorns or hybrids developed from them. Hens lay about 325 large white eggs every year while eating less feed than most other breeds. They are perfect for a family wanting abundant white eggs. Leghorns are nervous nellies that can fly over fences. They weigh approximately four to five pounds fully grown. Chicks are light yellow with orange feet and beaks.