Isabella Leghorn

Leghorns are an ancient breed that first originated in Italy and have always been famous for their egg production capabilities. They are an active, graceful breed that does well in free-range situations. Isabella Leghorns are a newer variety of Leghorn that feature pastel shades of cream and blue. Hens are an even pastel blue shade with cream colored hackles and breasts. The hackle and saddle of the males are a cream color with blue striping on each feather while the tail and breast are an even shade of pastel blue.

Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Active, Flighty 4-5 lbs. 300 Large White Yes Yes
Temperament Active, Flighty
Weight 4-5 lbs.
Eggs per Year 300
Egg Size Large
Egg Color White
Cold Hardy Yes
Heat Hardy Yes