Coturnix (pronounced kuh-tur-niks) Quail are probably the most versatile backyard poultry that you can buy. Coturnix are cold hardy, take up less space, use less feed than larger poultry, and have a speedy maturity. These birds are ready to lay eggs or breed, or be used for meat production in eight weeks. Coturnix lay approximately 250 small speckled eggs per year. The eggs are considered a delicacy and are three to four times more nutritious than a chicken egg. The eggshell of a Coturnix egg is a bit harder than that of a chicken egg. To open a Coturnix egg, you can use a serrated knife or a quail egg scissors to enjoy a nutritious breakfast. Full-grown, Coturnix Quail weigh just three to four ounces. These Quail come in assorted colors, including various tuxedos, whites, buffs, silvers, mottled browns, and the specialty Pharaoh.