Polish breed is named for the Polish army’s feathered caps because it resembled their feathered crests. The chickens originated in Spain and then brought to Holland, where the Dutch perfected their coloring. They became a popular bird in France, then started appearing in the United States during the 1830s. There are various colors of Polish, and they are all smaller birds weighing only four to five pounds at maturity. The hens lay approximately 110-medium eggs a year. They are easily surprised due to their feathers limiting their eyesight, making them vulnerable to predators. Their personalities are just as quirky as their looks; Polish are known to be silly and friendly birds yet flighty. Chicks can be identified by the knobs at the tops of their head, which will grow into their crests.

Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Gentile, Active 4-5 lbs. 100 Small White No Yes
Temperament Gentile, Active
Weight 4-5 lbs.
Eggs per Year 100
Egg Size Small
Egg Color White
Cold Hardy No
Heat Hardy Yes

Buff Laced

Buff Laced Polish are a beautiful golden color, mature male’s feathers being a bit darker than the females. They have white lacing around the edges and have slate or blue colored legs. Hens lay white eggs. Chicks have yellow down feathers with a knob at the top of their head.


The Silver Polish is a beautiful sight in any backyard flock! They have black lacing on their silver feathers and have slate legs. Mature hens lay white eggs. Chicks have dusty grey feathers in varying hues and a small knob on their head.


The beautiful Golden Polish is one of the most popular. Their gold feathers with black lacing can capture anyone’s attention. They have slate legs, and the mature hens lay white eggs. Chicks have dark brown down feathers with golden down around their eyes and the tips of their wings and a knob on top of their head.

White Crested Black

White Crested Polish is known around the hatchery as “Mary’s Favorite.” Mary is the “Head Hen” around Hoover’s Hatchery and owned and operated the hatchery for 47 years. This breed has always been her favorite, and we think it could be yours too. It has beautiful iridescent looking black feathers with white crests and slate legs. Mature hens lay white legs. Chicks have yellow down feathers on their chest and face with black down feathers on their backs and a black dot on their beaks.

White Crested Blue

White Crested Blue Polish comes in various colors; blue breeding can result in Black, Blue, or Splash feathering, leading to a great variety in your flock. Hens lay white eggs and rarely go broody. Chicks have the same variety as the adults; they could be light grey, dark grey, or black, all with a knob on their heads.