Welsh Harlequin

The Welsh Harlequin, a newer breed, was developed by Leslie Bonnet of Wales in 1949. This breed came from two off-colored Khaki Campbell ducklings. They are very calm, inquisitive, and excellent foragers who are hardy in all climates. They can also make an outstanding dressed bird. Females lay approximately 150-200-large white eggs. Welsh Harlequins are known for being broody and are good mothers. Like most domestic ducks, the Welsh can fly only very short distances, if at all. Full-grown, they weigh two to three pounds. Their under-feathers are almost exclusively white, making their carcass as pretty as a pure white bird. They are also a beautiful bird, especially the feather patterns and colors on the adult females. Interestingly, this breed can be sexed after hatching with 90% accuracy by their bill color. Darker bills mean a male, and a lighter bill ending in a dark spot usually are females. Within several days of their hatch, this distinction disappears. As ducklings, they have yellow down feathers with grey on their heads.