Runner ducks are an ancient breed from Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, people in this part of the world have herded this breed out to fields to forage for scattered grain, weed seeds, snails, insects, larvae, and small reptiles. They were imported to Europe for their high egg production and unique body shape. You will not find a better foraging duck than the Runner. They are light in weight, so there is less chance of them trampling the vegetation in your garden or yard. Runners are very energetic ducks, foraging most of the day. They are rarely broody and are hardy in all climates. Mature adults weigh 3 to 4 pounds and lay approximately 100-180 small white, blue or green eggs year-round.


Black Runners have black iridescent looking feathers and dark beaks, legs, and feet.


Blue Runners come in blue, black, or splash in color. Their beaks are darker than their feather colors, but their legs and feet have some variation.

Chocolate Runners

Chocolate Runners have brown feathers, legs, feet, and beaks.

Fawn & White Runners

The Fawn and White Runners have patches of tan and white feathers. They will have bright orange beaks, legs, and feet.