Originating in France, the Rouen (pronounced roo-ahn) duck is probably the second most popular breed in North America. Rouen They are quite beautiful and closely resemble wild Mallards. They are second to only Pekins and Muscovy in size and are widely known for flavorful, lean meat. The Rouen is very calm and has a gentle disposition, making them a fantastic pet. Rouen ducks tend to be broody and are hardy in most climates. A difference between Mallards and Rouens is that Mallards fly easily, and Rouens do not. A Rouen is also at least three times the Mallard’s weight, weighing five to seven pounds as adults. Females lay approximately 140-180 extra-large white eggs. Ducklings have brown down feathers with white on their face. They have a black streak that goes over their eye and black legs, feet, and beak. Unlike the Mallard, they will not have clipped toe.