The Barnevelder (pronounced Bar·​ne·​veld·​er) originated in the Netherlands, as a mix between local and imported Asian chickens, during the early 1900s. Barnevelders are a medium-sized dual-purpose bird. They are a docile, cold-hardy, bird that takes to foraging quickly. Their plumage has beautiful double-laced brown and iridescent green feathers with yellow legs. Adults weigh five to seven-pounds, and hens lay approximately 160-large light brown eggs. Barnevelder chicks have brown down feathers with dark stripes on their backs, dark heads, and speckles around their eyes.

Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Docile, Curious, Active, Gentle 5-7 lbs. 160 Large Dark Brown Yes Yes
Temperament Docile, Curious, Active, Gentle
Weight 5-7 lbs.
Eggs per Year 160
Egg Size Large
Egg Color Dark Brown
Cold Hardy Yes
Heat Hardy Yes