Asian Black


The Asian Black breed was developed as a slower growing meat bird. The males can reach market weight in 15 weeks, and the females in 16 to 18 weeks. They make great dual-purpose birds weighing five to six pounds at maturity. Females lay approximately 250 medium brown eggs a year. It is a hardy bird that can adapt to many growing conditions. They are an easy-going yet energetic bird. This breed has striking colors; having a blue-green sheen on the black feather pattern with beautiful red markings makes it a striking addition to any flock. Asian Black chicks are black or buff, and some males could have a white spot on their heads. Less than five percent of this flock hatches out a buff or red color chick, as depicted in the breed photo.

Temperament Weight Eggs per Year Egg Size Egg Color Cold Hardy Heat Hardy
Docile, Friendly 5-6 lbs. 250 Medium Brown Yes Yes
Temperament Docile, Friendly
Weight 5-6 lbs.
Eggs per Year 250
Egg Size Medium
Egg Color Brown
Cold Hardy Yes
Heat Hardy Yes